Boat Charters

It is much more fun and more economical to get a group together and charter KM Bidadari to explore the wonders of the Indonesian archipelago.

We would encourage you to create your own cruise from the many destinations possible or we are happy to work with you to put together an individual itinerary that meets your specific needs. With so many islands there are plenty of places to explore and adventures that can be yours.

We welcome your enquiries and encourage you to plan ahead as we have some regular scheduled cruising commitments as well. Our full boat charters provide the most economical way to enjoy the Indonesian Islands and we are happy to discuss your individual needs and itinerary with you.

Please refer to our Charter Cruise Conditions for information about deposits, payment and refund policies, insurance and exclusions.

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Dive Charters

Dive Charters

Traditional liveaboard schooner – made for divers.

K M Bidadari is a custom built Indonesian Phinisi schooner. She is perfectly equipped to ensure divers see the best of the many destinations amongst the hundreds of islands that make up the Indonesian archipelago. There are many areas that offer remote and pristine dive destinations, the choice is yours! Let us know what interests you and we will work together to plan your unforgettable dive charter.

Our experienced dive masters dive these waters nearly every day, all year long. We know the dive sites, the currents and the marine life. Our passion and knowledge of the area will keep you amazed throughout your safari with us.

What to expect underwater?

World class diving guaranteed! For example around Komodo there are over 50 sites to choose from and areas to suit every level of experience, whether you have just completed your Open Water course or have years of challenging dives behind you.

The corals in Komodo National Park are pristine, with Mantas, sharks, turtles, dolphins, dugong, many pelagics, to the tiny pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, frog fish.

The sites vary from gentle easy coral slopes to heart pounding adrenalin rides, from the warm waters of the Flores Sea in the north to the chillier waters down south in the Indian Ocean, the underwater terrain is so varied with sheer cliff walls, pinnacles, channels, sandy flat bottoms, underwater plateaus, slopes, all with varying colours, sizes and types of coral both hard and soft.

What to expect on board?

Bidadari’s well-trained diving crew takes care of everything, from the equipment set up until the cleaning at the end of the trip.
Equipment and bottles are maintained and refilled on board and we dive from our both of our speedboats, entry and re-entry are very easy and your safety is always paramount.

– All dives are guided by a PADI Dive Instructor.
– Perfect service from our well trained diving crew.
– Small groups, max. 10 divers to guarantee plenty of individual attention.
– 2 large tenders via radio connected to Bidadari
– Lots of healthy yummy food for our hungry divers.
– 12l aluminium tanks.
– No diving time limits.
– Our dive equipment and compressors are well maintained.
– First Aid, a big and a small oxygen bottle are on board.

Water temperature and wetsuit

We recommend a full length 5mm wetsuit. A full length 3mm Suit will usually be OK for most Northern sites but for visiting the South a 5mm and hood are required. Usually 24-28 Degrees Celcius in the north and 21 to 24 degrees C in the south. Visibility extends from 15 to 40 metres. Usually clearer in the warmer northern waters.

Weather & Sea Conditions

We are lucky to usually experience calm sea conditions with the Indonesian archipelago offering great protection from the ocean swells and many safe calm anchorages. Weather is favourable most of the year and despite the rainy season (December to February) clear and calm diving sites can always be found.

Dive Charter Rates:

Contact us for competitive rates.

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Dive Charters Dive Charters

Family Charters

Family Charters

I remember the world opened to me when I travelled as a child. The passion for travel got into my blood and it’s been there ever since.

Namaste Cruises offers an environment where family groups can explore the natural and cultural wonders that make Indonesia one of the most interesting experiences on offer.

Our cabin configurations are ideal for family groups and we can arrange a local “penjaga anak” (nanny) who will assist in your “on-board” childcare arrangements and maximise the enjoyment for adults and children alike

Let us tailor an itinerary and experience just for you.

Family Charters

Language and cultural cruises

Language and cultural cruises

If you are a traveller instead of a tourist read on…

We could write pages on the complex history and culture that makes modern Indonesia. We are lucky to have contacts with a range of people who share our passion and would love to share their knowledge of Indonesian history and culture to enhance your cruise experience.

One of our close friends has lived and studied in Asia for years and is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia. Keen to increase your language skills?

If you can fill the boat with a like-minded group you will find this the most economical way to go.

Let us put together a cultural or language cruise.

Language and cultural cruises

Yoga Cruises

Yoga Cruises

We think it is profound that Bidadari is the Indonesian “Aspara” or female spirit of the clouds and water in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. We see the synergy of Bidadari being our platform to explore and enjoy our unique yoga cruises facilitated by our own experienced teacher, mentor and yoga guide.

Yoga (to yoke, to unite, to join)

Yoga brings our physical, spiritual and emotional elements together. Physically moving the body, consciously focussing the breath, bringing the awareness and intention to each moment, yoga gives us what we need!

For increased energy, for greater relaxation, for deeper concentration, for improved self awareness and higher order thinking, for meditation and for peace and contentment and for so many other reasons yoga gives us what we need!

Combine your precious holiday hours with a centring morning practice, easing lengthening and awakening yourself for the day. An evening meditation and yoga practice will bring you to the present allowing you to slow your life rhythm and enjoy each unfolding moment.

We can think of no better place than our top deck and pristine deserted beaches to share this spiritual time.

Yoga Cruises

Corporate Retreats

Corporate Retreats

After many years in the private sector we are well aware of taking the opportunity for “time out” from the day to day work environment, the importance of team work, professional development and corporate planning opportunities.

We are able to offer a unique experience and environment to meet your corporate needs. Combine your professional activities with plenty of “down time” in the most magnificent environment possible.

We are sure you have plenty of ideas so let’s have a conversation to see how we can work together to plan and deliver an unforgettable experience for you, your staff and maybe your clients.

Corporate Retreats