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July 2014

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7D/6N Leisure & Discovery, Bali to Komodo island

Magical Crater Lake of Wishes and The Dragon’s Den Discovery

Cruising and sailing Indonesia’s vast archipelago allows us to experience native cultures and traditions, sea-gypsies and nomadic sea-life. The famous Komodo dragon, a giant lizard that has lived isolated from the outside world for thousands of years in the Komodo archipelago is one of the highlights of this tour along with beautiful beaches, including the unique red beach, exotic sceneries and destinations that only can be reached by using our traditional Phinisi schooner, KM Bidadari.

The Indonesia archipelago stretches along the “rings of fire”, a series of volcanic islands that includes Mt Tambora ( a great eruption in 1885) in Sumbawa, Mt Rinjani in Lombok, “wishing crater” Lake Satonda island and Mt Sangeang (a volcanic sea mountain) are the highlights of this cruise.

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Day 01. Serangan Port
As early as 08:30 am we will all be aboard KM Bidadari to start our journey from Dolphin Jetty at Serangan Island – Denpasar, Bali. After a luggage and cabin allocation, our tour leader will have an initial tour briefing of boat familiarization and safety briefing. After introduction to all the crew on boat, our captain will set sail to our Labuan Amuk, just northwest of Bali.

After having our first lunch onboard we will ashore in Labuan amuk to visit Tenganan. Tenganan is an bali authentic village that the resident still living the way their ancestor inherit them since hundreds years ago. After Tenganan village, our air-conditioned bus will take us to Ujung, where we can see the remain of early Bali kingdom palace.

Back to the boat and having dinner aboard, we then sail to Moyo island in the night.

Day 02. Moyo & Satonda Island
Moyo Island welcomes us with its unique scenery which is very different from Bali. Sir Alfred Wallace discovered Moyo in 1800. He noticed that the flora and fauna of the islands to the west have more in common to the Asiatic species, while the islands to the east appear to be influenced more by species found in Australia.

We will visit a traditional island village, home to the Bajao tribe that are also known as “sea-gypsies” tribe. We will walk along the narrow streets in the village and experience the their cultural life. Here we will also witness a performance of traditional music and dance. With lunch provide onboard we will cruise to Satonda island. The saltwater crater lake of Satonda created by the great Mt Tambora vulcano that erupted in 1815, one of the biggest eruptions in history is a sight you won’t forget. Swimming at Satonda saltwater lakes will give you the different sensations due to the higher buoyancy of the water.

Some people believed that by hanging a small rock in the wishing tree will make their wish come true, and when it is you will have to return visit to the tree (that will be your next cruise with us!). In the afternoon we will spend time beach combing, beach volleyball or snorkeling in the beautiful coral garden of Satonda. In the evening we will witness thousands of flying foxes as they commute at dusk to seek for food in the main land.

At night we will cruise to Wera in Sumbawa.

Day 03. Wera, Buginese ship builders
The morning will be spent at Wera where we will walk through the village and see their daily life. We will see the traditional skills of making the wooden Buginese Phinisi schooner similar to KM BIdadari. They also make the hand-woven ‘ikat’ a hand woven fabric ornament unique to Wera. The traditional shape of the houses and their daily life is something you won’t forget.
With lunch provided onboard the ship, we set sail to GIli Banta an uninhabited island and a perfect place for some excellent swimming, snorkeling, paddle-boarding and kayaking.

Day 04. Gili Lawa Darat, Makassar Reef
After a quiet night anchoring in Gili Lawa Darat – the northern most island in Komodo National Park, we will climb a hill that offers breathtaking views across the islands of Komodo that we will explore in the next few days. We are also able to snorkel in the waters and enjoy relaxing on the beach.
While we enjoy our lunch on the ship, we will cruise to Makassar Reef and Komodo Island.

Day 05. Dragon’s Den, Walks with the Dragons
We wake up in the bay of Loh Liang, Komodo Island. This is one of the most famous of the 80 islands that makes up the Komodo archipelago.
After a morning briefing by our tour leader, we will go ashore and set foot in the ranger station and trek around the island. The trekking will take approximately 2.5 hours, during which we will meet the Komodo dragon, water buffalos, wild deer, see the rugged landscape of this savannah like island.

Day 06. Rinca Island
In the early morning, we take another trek looking for the Komodo Dragon in Loh Liang – Rinca. Hopefully we will spot the dragons, wild monkeys and water buffalo. The scenery from top of the hill in Rinca gives us great views across the islands.

The Red-Beach (or Pink Beach to some people!) is our afternoon destination. We have plenty of time for snorkeling, swimming and beach combing on this unique beach. At night we sail to Mt Sangeang Island.

Day 07. Labuan Bajo – Komodo Airport
Arriving Labuan Bajo early at the dawn, we will start the day with early breakfast. Depends on your flight, for ones that arrange flight return to Bali afternoon, passenger will ashore to see the traditional Caci dance in Melo village.
Caci whip dance is the Labuan Bajo traditional dance that imitate the warriors in the past. The warrior dancer will perform a fighting dance and using whip and shield. You will also see the traditional bamboo dance along with the caci Dance.

After the dance performance, we will drive you directly to the airport where your luggage already in the airport, to continue your flight back to Bali or your next vacation destination.

We’re looking forward to welcome you again on board KM Bidadari.

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Fares: On application

A “full boat” charter is available with a group of friends which is  a more economical way to enjoy the wonders of Indonesia. Please contact us for further information

Fares inclusive of:
Full board meals & snacks , English speaking guide service, free flow coffee and tea, use of our water activities equipment (snorkel, fins, goggles), Limited laundry

Fares exclusives of:
Personal expenses, Alcoholic drinks consumed from boat bar during the cruise, domestic airfares (unless mentioned included), travel insurance, accommodation pre and post cruise.

Special Note:
If you wish to dive (subject to weather conditions), this trip include 2 – 4 dives a day except first day and last day. Diving price US$100/day/person. We need a minimum of 6 divers per trip

We’ve been advised that the park fees is increasing significantly, please allow US$55 per person per day to cover this. The fees will be collected by our crew on board the ship.

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