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Charter Destination: Banda Islands

Banda Islands (spice islands)

If your interest is history then this is for you. With interactions over the centuries with the Portuguese, Dutch and English and situated in the tranquil Banda Sea, lies this enchanting fragment of history, the Spice Islands. While the islands of North Maluku made their empires trading their cloves, Banda used to be the world’s only source of good quality nutmeg.

During your cruise we will visit nutmeg gardens (some say the oldest in the world), and view private colonial mansions, savour the remnants of Banda’s once glorious past and the idyllic charms of these now forgotten islands. There are plenty of opportunities to snorkel or dive the brilliant underwater gardens of the lava flows and enjoy some of the remotest beaches in the world. There is a good chance you will see huge sea fans, sponges and coral gardens as well as the red tooth tiger fish.

Despite there being only seven inhabited islands many are dotted with lovely Dutch colonial houses, dating back from colonial times and many of which have survived thanks to the islands’ remoteness. We will see some stunning scenery, most notably a volcano called Gunung Api (Fire Mountain), which has a wonderful interior lagoon.

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Suggested cruise Duration: 10-14 days

Please contact us and let us know how many days have you allocated for this sailing vacation holiday and we will make itinerary for you.
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